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Many Owl species are on the verge of extinction. They need compassion, not our superstition.

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The Power of Imagination

Both reason and faith are important in our search for truth. However, they can neither answer all your questions nor help you make a sense of the world. They do not adequately satisfy your curiosity about the world or explain all the mysteries. One cannot solely be robotic or dogmatic in thinking and behavior. Human beings cannot exclusively depend upon reason, nor upon faith and emotions to solve their problems or verify truths. We need a still more powerful, useful and holistic approach, in which every faculty and every type of intelligence is used to elevate our thinking to a vastly different level to understand the truths of the universe and our existence. In that, imagination also has a place and its own importance. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ignore it and do not make adequate effort to polish this particular skill.

The Enigma of the Universe and the Quantum Reality

Namaskar, Namaskaram or namaste is the commonest form of salutation in Hinduism. People use it to pay respects to others and to declare their devotion and reverence to gods. The most popular form of namaskar is to join both the hands in the presence of a person or a deity with reverential attitude. In doing so the person who is making the gesture may lower his head and bend his upper body to bow in submission.

7 Secrets of Successful People

Success in any endeavor requires a combination of factors. In the success of any individual, both extrinsic and intrinsic factors play an important part. Of them, the intrinsic ones are more important because unless a person is endowed with right qualities and abilities, it is difficult to deal successfully with the extrinsic factors that are critical to his or her success or efforts... No one can predict the future or know in advance what may happen. However, it does not mean that we cannot increase the probability of achieving success or reaching our goals. With careful planning and preparation, we can do it. We can also learn the principles of success and practice them if we are determined and motivated to do it

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The World as a Hologram

You may be familiar with block holes, those super gigantic and awe-inspiring holes or vortexes in the fabric of spacetime, which are so dense that nothing, even light, can escape from their gravitational pull. You might have also seen images of black holes in magazines or science fiction movies. Not many people understand the working of black holes or their implication to our existence. Let me begin with a brief description of what black holes are and what they do. More

Determination, The Sustaining Power

Determination connotes the strength or tenacity of your mind to sustain and carry out your will power and translate your dreams and desires into reality. It is the ability of your mind to remain focused upon your cherished goals and pursue them with vigor and perseverance. Determination is what makes you move forward in life, despite the problems and challenges and the harsh realities of our complex world. Without determination, human beings would have perished long ago, and perhaps most life forms. More


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Advise for Young People

Life is tough. Do not take it for granted. Truly speaking, nothing should be taken for granted, except your ability to face the challenges of life and resolve them. Never lose heart, nor courage. Difficulties will come. If you have resolve and inner strength, you will deal with them. Know that your choices depend upon your circumstances. It means that you must be realistic, attentive and deal with the problems in the context of your life and circumstances. More