About Jayaram V

Jayaram V is a leading author of Indian religions, philosophy, mysticism, and spirituality. His writings reflect his composite personality and diverse knowledge. He has proficiency in various branches of knowledge, including science, business management and information technology. His knowledge stems from his academic background, personal and professional experience, self-study and observation. Through his writings, he provides rare insights into the nature of reality, human personality, yoga, consciousness and mystic symbolism. He also writes about self-development and human behavior, combining the transformational wisdom hidden in ancient scriptures with recent researches on human psychology and consciousness.

Jayaram is not a dry theoretician. He had an inner awakeneing at the age of 22 and went through several spiritual experiences. However, he chose to remain a householder as per the advice of a Sufi saint. For over two decades, he worked in the general insurance industry in various capacities, in three continents. In 2000, while still working, he began writing about Indian spirituality, yoga, and self-development. At the age of 50, he decided to resign from his regular job and focus upon writing, teaching and spiritual service. Since then, he has been engaged in sharing his spiritual knowledge with others and helping people to better their lives by finding peace and harmony within themselves.

Jayaram has written hundreds of articles on various subjects, including yoga and self-help, and authored several books, which include Brahman, an Introduction to Hinduism, the Bhagavadgita Complete Translations and the Awakened Life. Since 2000, he has been actively engaged in spreading awareness about spiritual and moral duty. He is the Founder President of Hinduwebsite LLC, a cultural organization, which is engaged in philanthropy and religious service. Jayaram V can be contacted at https://www.jayaramv.com.


Jnana, Right Knowledge in Hinduism

We frequently use the words truth and knowledge in many religious and philosophical discussions. However, what do we mean by them? Do we have a universal definition of truth and knowledge? How to ascertain them? What a person considers knowledge may be ignorance from certain perspectives.

Basic Spirituality for Worldly People

Every religion has a political, social, cultural and personal dimension. The first three depend upon the last, since a religion is strong and popular only when it is practiced by its people. The personal dimension of any religion has two aspects, the ritual and spiritual.

A Lesson in the Art of Appreciation

Some people have all the qualities of becoming successful, such as good education, intelligence, having goals, focus, energy and enthusiasm. Yet they suffer from self-limiting beliefs and doubts, which prevent them from using their full potential and experiencing fulfillment.

Quantum Reality in Daily Life

Modern research in quantum physics revealed many truths about the nature of existence, causality, probability and reality. Some of them are relevant to our lives since they give us an incredible perspective on the world and ourselves and help us dispel long standing irrational beliefs.