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The Meaning and Significance of Guru in Hinduism

Gurus occupy a prominent place in Hinduism. Almost all the prominent deities of Hinduism act as gurus to reveal divine knowledge or teach specific skills. There is no other tradition in the world where gurus are treated with such respect. It is also true that in today's world, teachers in the academia do not enjoy as much respect or maintain the same ethical standards, while the spiritual teachers who propagate Hinduism or Hindu spirituality have to deal with a lot of public scrutiny and negative publicity.The tradition of gurus played an important role in the preservation and continuity of various schools of Hinduism. Without them, the tradition would have been lost forever. In the following paragraphs we will discuss the meaning and significance of gurus in Hinduism..

Dealing with Unnecessary Suffering

Suffering is inherent in life. Who does not suffer? Even when you are happy, a part of you may still be suffering subconsciously. The seers of ancient India knew it. It formed the core of many ascetic traditions of the subcontinent, who suggested different solutions and approaches to the problem of suffering. The Buddha echoed the same sentiment when he declared that birth was suffering,...

The Powers of God

When a million people think of the same thought, that thought will have an awesome power. That thought reigns supremely in the subtle world of consciousness. It connects all those who entertain that one thought and moves them in the same direction for which it is intended. Thoughts have power. We know it because all actions arise from thoughts only. You live and act according to the sum of your thoughts. When the same thought is entertained by many people, its power becomes exponentially multiplied.

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Existence and Non Existence...

You know that you exist, but for those who do not know you, who have never met you, you do not exist. There was a time when the two American contnents did not exist for the world. There was also a time when the earth itself did not exist. At least 60% of the people in the world today were non-existent just a few decades ago and a vast majority of them will be non-existent again after a few decades. Life is a short drama between the two vanishing points of existence and non-existence.

The Higher Purpose of Your Life

Nature is a self-supporting mechanism in which its different components are programmed to further themselves and in the process help each other in their survival. Even in the midst of struggle for survival, the impulse to preserve and sustain life upon earth through collective effort is inbuilt in the living embodiments of Nature.

The Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. You are familiar with it. You know what it means. You also know from experience how to make you or others happy in your own unique ways. Life teaches us many lessons and from them we learn the many possibilities by which we can minimize our sorrows and maximize our happiness and fulfillment.

Eight Realizations of Great Beings

The eight realizations of great beings are taken from the Sutra which goes by the same name. It is based upon the conclusions or insight of the Mahasattvas (Great Beings), Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas. They are used in many Buddhist schools of both Mahayana and Theravada traditions...