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What is True Surrender?

Awakening to the Silence

Morality and Religion

Healing Compassion

If Peace Is All You Want

The Importance of Sorrow

Citta in Ashtanga Yoga

Witnessing Self

The Difficulties of Spiritual Life

From the time you are born and until you die, you are never separate from the world. Only a few people can turn away from it and become interested in the deeper world within. Of them, still fewer people succeed in going to the end. Surely, a lot of people turn to spiritual life...

Jayaram regulary writes for, a Unique Resource on Hindu and Bauddha Dharmas

Me, Myself and Maya

Advaita is difficult to understand, not because it is a complicated philosophy. To know it with some clarity, you need a paradigm shift in your thinking and perspective.

How to Spot a Liar?

Deception is a natural, survival strategy which is common to both humans and animals. You cannot stop people from lying and you yourself may have to lie occasionally to avoid trouble with others. Still, it is important to know when people lie...