Books by Jayaram V

Books by Jayaram

Being The Best

Being the Best

Being the Best is an extraordinary collection of the best writings of Jayaram V on transformational wisdom. You can use them for inspiration and motivation to achieve success and happiness in your life irrespective of your social, religious or professional background.

awakened life

The Awakened Life

Contains practical teachings about spiritual knowledge and wisdom for those who aspire to cultivate a spiritual state of mind and awaken their higher consciousness


The Bhagavadgita Complete Translation

The most comprehensive work on the Bhagavadgita in recent times with word to word translation and detailed commentary.  An authentic translation,  without sectarian bias.

Essays on the bhagavadgita

Essays on the Bhagavadgita

Find the hidden secrets of the Bhagavadgita with greater clarity. The essays are well written so that even if you have never read the main scripture you will still be able to grasp its essential doctrine.



How much do you know about your own religion and the  mystery and history associated with this highest Deity of Sanatana Dharma? None ever achieves salvation without knowing Brahman.

selected upanishads

Selected Upanishads

Translations of 14 principal Upanishads namely Aitareya, Kausitaki, Kena, Taittariya, Isavasya, Katha, Mundaka, Mandukya, Prasna, Svetasvatara, Paingala, Kaivalya, Vajrasucika, and Jabala Upanishads, with explanatory notes.

introduction to hinduism

Introduction to Hinduism

Written with greater clarity, understanding and knowledge about the significance, history, beliefs, practices and philosophy of Hinduism, the oldest religious tradition.

brihadaranyaka upanishad

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The most recent and accurate translation of the largest Upanishad with six chapters, 47 sections, and 427 verses by an authentic teacher of Hinduism and ancient wisdom.

chandogya upanishad

Chandogya Upanishad

Contains practical teachings about spiritual knowledge and wisdom for those who aspire to cultivate a spiritual state of mind and awaken their higher consciousness

think success

Think Success: Essays on Self-help (2nd Edition)

44 well written articles of inspiration and transformational wisdom to stretch your mind and vision, and to achieve peace, all-round success and happiness in the great journey of life.

The Bhagavadgita A Simple Translation

The abridged version of the Bhagavadgita English translation, for quick reference. Contains word to word translation, Sanskrit text, and meaning. 

thoughts and quotations

Thoughts and Quotations

A collection of insightful quotations and excerpts compiled from the writings, journals, online postings, and books of Jayaram V. Provide an insight into his thinking and worldview. 

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The Power of Determination

Determination connotes the strength, or the tenacity of your mind and will with which you hold to your cherished goals and pursue them with perseverance. Its strength is determined to the extent you work against odds and succeed. Your resolve or determination depends greatly upon your beliefs and the faith you have in your goals and abilities. You may call it by any name

Maturity of Mind and Adult Behavior

Immaturity is not confined to individuals alone. Sometimes, groups or even nations act quite immaturely, resulting in great misery and suffering to millions of people. It happened several times in the past and is still happening today, in many parts of the world, causing much misery and bloodshed to millions of people. Frankly many of our leaders and celebrity figures, the icons and role models of our society, are immature. They hide it behind a façade of pomp and power, but betray themselves often through their actions and decisions.

Natural Vs. Spiritual Evolution

We are Nature’s robots, created to speed up its processes and evolutionary mechanism. We are already doing its bidding, working vigorously to evolve Artificial Intelligences, eliminating weaker species, designing more capable and powerful robots, and inventing efficient biological and mechanical systems.